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December 19, 2005
YES Campaign Newsletter - December 2005 released

December 12, 2005
Launch of the YES Academy
December 12, 2005
The YES Campaign Awarded Project by Levi Strauss Foundation
December 12, 2005
YES Campaign and UNIDO explore ways to promote youth employment in Renewable Energies

October 31, 2005
Investing in Youth Employment in Hyderabad:  The YES Academy
October 7, 2005
Results from the YES Latin American Encounter: Renewed Commitment to the MDGs and Youth Employment in Latin America.
Click here for the press release (in English) and links to the official declaration (in Spanish)

September 2, 2005
YES Latin American Encounter on Youth Employment - Sept 19-21
August 18, 2005
YES Campaign Newsletter - August 2005 released

August 12, 2005
YES Kenya 2006 website and registration is now online!

June 9, 2005
YES Singapore Awarded Funds for Career Guidance Pilot for Out-of-School Youth

  YES Mexico 2004
  YES Hyderabad 2003

  YES Alexandria 2002

Events /

yes mexico summit 2004 HIGHLIGHTS

The wonderful and beautiful Mexico YES 2004 manifested the dream of one
young person who would not give up and who insisted on excellence,
organization and commitment - Esteban Gonzalez!

This magnificent event was hosted by the Government of Veracruz, Foundacion
E, the Mexico Youth Institute and Education Development Center, Inc.

This superbly organized Summit showed international team-work at its best
with the YES HQ team pulling together an enviable agenda and world-class
speakers, delegations from 105 countries and publications, the Mexico YES
team under the leadership of Esteban Gonzalez, Member and Co-chair of the
International YES Campaign Committee ensured a smooth organization,
widespread media coverage, fun and meaningful events, publications and
gifts, and ensured that all needs of the delegates were met.

Mexico YES 2004 was a success due to the generous contributions of the
Government of Veracruz, Mexican Institute of Youth, Omnilife, TV Azteca,
KASO Consulting, Monterrey Tech Institute, Fundacion E, the YES Mexico
Network, Education Development Center, Swiss Development Corporation, the
Commonwealth Foundation and many others.

» Click here for the mexico website

  1. Participants Profile
    » Download Archive of Delegates
  2. Key Achievements
  3. Agenda
  4. Some of the influential participants
  5. Detailed Agenda
  6. Photo Galleries

1) Participants Profile:

  • 1,500 delegates attended the Civil Society Forum
  • 105 countries represented from all over the world
  • 30 Ministerial Delegates attended the Ministerial Forum


2) Key Achievements:

  • A “State of the YES Campaign Report” released.
  • Global Best Practices Award announced for most effective policies and programs for creating youth employment, given out at YES 2006.
  • Achievements of over 69 YES Country Networks showcased.
  • Set a vigorous and groundbreaking agenda for the next two years of the campaign.
  • Over 69 YES Country Networks prepared their country action plans and renewed their commitment.
  • Regional Meeting of the Latin American Networks announced - to be held in Paraguay.
  • YES 2006 - Three countries under consideration to host the next global Youth Employment Summit.
  • Over 40 Donor Meetings held with youth innovators in employment generation with UN and Multi-lateral and Private Sector Donors to foster collaboration.
  • CEO, World Economic Forum (WEF) announces the intention of working together with YES Campaign on a possible Technology Pioneers mentorship program for youth leaders.
  • High-level participation from Several UN agencies and major International
    donors and private sector:
    • Omnilife, Microsoft, NIIT Ltd, Nestle, Cemex, TV Azteca etc.
  • Green Room launched as to create environmentally sustainable businesses.
  • UNIDO Announced Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship Project in Mexico.
  • YES Mexico announced Mexico National Youth Employment Summit a follow-up event in Guadalajara.
  • A creative and resourceful agenda developed and presented at the Summit.


3) Agenda:

  • Four Town Hall Style Plenary sessions held highlighting:
  • Twelve Sessions Bringing Alive the 6Es – All sessions featured programs that are working to fulfill the objectives, and included examples from UN agencies, NGO’s and YES Networks:
  • Eleven Thematic Sessions: Renewable Energy, Water and Sanitation, Information and Communication Technology, On-Farm and Off Farm Development, HIV / AIDS, Post-Conflict Resolution
  • Four Parallel Sessions: USAID, World Bank, UNDP and IADB
  • Eight Sessions: Working to Frame the YES Campaign
  • Four Skills Building Workshops:
  • Session on fulfilling the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) through Youth Engagement and Employment.
  • YES Network Sessions (Pre-Summit – Oct 2-3, 2004)

Refer Annexure-1 for detailed agenda


4) Some of the influential participants:

  • Mr. Carlos Margarinos, Director General, UNIDO and Co-Chair, YES Campaign Committee
  • Mr. Jose Maria Figueres, Former President of Costa Rica
  • Mr. Warren Evans, Director, World Bank
  • Mr. Magatte Wade, Member of YEN (Youth Employment Network, United Nations High-level Panel on Youth Employment)
  • Dr. Ismail Serageldin, Vice-President, World Bank (1996-2000) and Director General, Alexandria Library
  • Everardo Sousa, Secretary of Economic Development, Government of Veracruz
  • Ms. Janet Whitla, President and CEO, Education Development Center, (EDC Inc.)
  • Ms. Hanne Strong, Founder, Earth Restoration Corps
  • Ms. Poonam Ahluwalia, Executive Director, YES Campaign (EDC Inc.)
  • Nancy Salzman, President, Executive Success Programs, Inc.
  • Ninfa Salinas, Representative, Grupo Salinas
  • José Vergara, Representative, Grupo OMNILIFE
  • Esteban González, President, E Foundation; Co-Chair, Youth Employment Summit Campaign



Detailed Agenda

Four Town Hall Style Plenary sessions held highlighting:

  • YES Campaign Works! Working with different actors and working towards collaborative action.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Connects with Youth Employment - Effective models.
  • Investing in Youth Employment- Many ways: direct funding, introducing innovative policies, developing workable programs and partnerships and empowering youth.
  • Building an Entrepreneurial culture- Fulfilling the MDGs by promoting youth entrepreneurship

Twelve Sessions Bringing Alive the 6Es – All sessions featured programs that are working to fulfill the objectives, and included examples from UN agencies, NGO’s and YES Networks:

  • Employability
  • Employment Creation
  • Equity
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Empowerment

Eleven Thematic Sessions:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • On-Farm and Off Farm Development
  • HIV / AIDS
  • Post-Conflict Resolution

Four Parallel Sessions:

  • World Bank
  • UNDP
  • IADB

Eight Sessions: Working to Frame the YES Campaign

  • How can YES Country Networks build Bilateral and Multilateral Partnerships to develop programs and implement projects?
  • How can YES campaign work with YEN and the UN system to create livelihood opportunities for youth?
  • How can the YES Campaign build effective Networks and be advocates for youth employment policies and programs?
  • How can YES Campaign engage the Private Sector in working on youth employment initiatives in emerging sectors?
  • How can the YES Campaign continue to build Youth Participation and Engagement in employment creation?
  • How to develop an effective system of Knowledge management and evaluation that communicates campaign experiences? And Understanding Impact: Measuring the Work of the YES Campaign
  • How to mobilize Resource for programs and projects of YES Campaign and global, regional and country level?
  • What strategy should the YES Campaign use to work with Governments to develop effective policies and programs for youth employment?

Four Skills Building Workshops:

  • Business Simulator model - Business plan, fundraising, marketing and mentorship
  • Leadership Development -Team building, Networking, Problem solving - Life skills toolkit. Leadership development (Team building, Networking, Problem solving - Life skills toolkit)
  • Tapping human potential for enhancing the youth leadership
  • Session on fulfilling the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) through Youth Engagement and Employment. MDG, UNDP, UNIDO, UNICEF, UNFPA, UN- Habitat

YES Network Sessions (Pre-Summit – Oct 2-3, 2004)

  • Strategic Planning and Leadership Development.
  • Identifying employment opportunities in the emerging sectors - presenting a mapping


Photo Galleries

» Opening Ceremonies
» YES and its impact on youth
» Corporate Social Responsiblity
» Closing Ceremonies




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